Level 1 Fabric Teacher Training

June 1st-5th 2022 | Aerial Dance PC - Panama City, FL

$800.00 (before 27 May)
$850.00 (after 27 May)

This is a live and in person 30 hour teacher training course and is the first step to becoming a Sage Certified Aerial Instructor. Candidates must have at least 2 years of aerial experience (please email for exceptions if you are a movement instructor of another discipline with a strong aerial skillset) and a skill assessment video via email prior to enrolling.

Video Assessment Guidelines:
Please submit one video file to sagemovementarts@gmail.com, whether edited together or filmed continuous, demonstrating the following skills in the sequences provided:

  • an upright climb of choice, tie a single footlock in the air, perform a footlock skill of choice
  • an inverted climb of choice, tie double footlocks in the air, perform a double footlock skill of choice
  • either from the ground or in the air perform a double crochet w/ a cross and show one exit option

Required Texts:

Sage Movement Arts Certification:

$350.00 (first certificate)
$150.00 (biannual renewal)
$50.00 (2022 certificate transfer)

To become a certified Aerial Instructor through Sage Movement Arts candidates must complete:

  • 30 hours of live training
  • obtain a cpr certificate
  • complete the video review process
  • observe/assist 10 hours
  • lead instruct 5 hours
  • complete self assessment and written assignments
  • complete reading assignments and quizzes

In order to maintain a certificate with Sage Movement Arts, instructors must complete 10 continuing education credits every 2 years through Sage Movement Arts or another approved provider, submit 1 video for review, and complete a self reflection/assessment assignment. If Constance has previously certified you through another organization (Canopy, The Space, or Born to Fly) these certifications will be honored and can be transferred to Sage Movement Arts by submitting continuing education credits (if a renewal is necessary) and 1 video for review.


Continuing Education Credits:

May 29th | Aerial Dance PC -  Panama City, FL

$95.00 per course (worth 2 credits)


9:00 - 11:00 am | Spotting Techniques and Troubleshooting:

In this course we will discuss different spotting types, styles, and techniques. Although I will share some of my favourite methods of physically spotting students in the air the aim of this course is to show that spotting doesn’t always mean to give a physical spot and more importantly the techniques behind spotting so that you will be able to adapt your methods to a variety of students and skillsets.

11:00 am - 1:00 pm | Inversion Clinic:

This course is a part of my Level 1 Teacher Trainings. If you’ve completed a live teacher training with me before this is a great refresher and will count towards continuing education. If this is your first time diving deep into the mechanics of aerial inversions with me you will gain a deeper understanding of how we invert and how to help your students reach that goal through drills, conditioning, and proper progressions.

1:00 - 3:00 pm | The How’s and Why’s of Warm-Ups and Cool-Downs:

Warming-Up and Cooling-Down seems like a small portion of your classes if you are already teaching but they are as important as the skills you choose to teach. Properly preparing your student for work in the air and teaching them how to care for their bodies after is an integral part of coaching and will set your students up for success and longevity in aerial arts. Warming up and cooling down properly is at the core of injury prevention, shows your students through accurate self assessment which skills they are ready for, and supports their bodies as they get stronger on their aerial journey. In this course you will learn how to structure these aspects of your classes as well as gain a deeper understanding of why you should be taking the care to build a solid class structure!


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